What is Peshtemal ?

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What is Peshtemal ?

What Is Peshtemal?

Sometimes called a Hammam towel or Turkish towel, the Peshtemal is a unique towel that is most associated with Turkish spas, but has gained international recognition as being a soft, absorbent towel with many different uses. The towel itself is flat, large, and is tightly woven which makes it quite strong and long-lasting along with being quite colorful.

The Peshtemal originally comes from the Ottoman Empire, which is present-day Turkey, and was created many centuries ago. The towel itself is crafted from Turkish cotton, which has fibers that are considerably longer than most other types of cotton. The influence of the Ottoman Empire stretched into Europe where the towels were heavily imported. It was not long before they made their way around the world and have become one of the most popular types of towels around.

What Makes the Peshtemal Unique?

It may sound at first like the Turkish towel is like most other towels, but there are some unique features that make it stand out.

Durable: Because of the extra-long cotton fibers used in the creation of the Hammam towel, it will actually get softer, more absorbent, and fluffier with each washing. It may sound counterintuitive at first, but barring some extreme usage, the Peshtemal is quite durable and gets better with each wash.

Lightweight: Although crafted from tightly woven Turkish cotton, the towels themselves are light and easy to pack for travel. In fact, many celebrities are seen with this type of towel at beaches around the world. So, it’s not surprising that it has become so popular.

Versatile: Arguably the best reason why these towels are so popular is their versatility. In addition to be a good, absorbent towel, they also have many other uses as well.

-       Small table cloth, wall tapestry, and end-of-bed blanket

-       Picnic blanket, stroller cover, and patio blanket

-       Boat towel, headboard blanket, furniture cover, and more 

The sheer versatility of the peshtemal makes it one of the most desired types of towels available. Whether you need a towel in the garage to help you clean tools, on the ladder to help keep your hands from slipping, or around the kitchen to clean up dishes and silverware, you can find a use for this type of towel. 

Why Choose a Peshtemal?

You might ask why not choose several for your home, for travel, and around the pool or beach. This Hamman towel or Turkish towel has enjoyed a long history of success because it is expertly woven from long, durable fibers that actually become softer with each wash. It also helps that the towels come in different colors and are quite affordable, especially when compared to other towels that do not last as long.

The towels are also fast-drying, so they are perfect for the pool or beach. Their natural absorbency combined with their durability means you will get years of use out of each peshtemal under normal conditions. For those who have been searching for the perfect towel, it is difficult to beat the peshtemal for its combination of attributes and low, affordable price. 


Elegance of Peshtemal

Peshtemals are usually strip patterned with different colors. Peshtemals¸ usually have fringes matching their design.  They are woven from cotton or bamboo yarn in every size. The elegant design of a peshtemal catches everybody's eye at beaches, and also make them a perfect decorative item for every house.

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