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 Peshtemal City - Turkish Towel Manufacturer & Wholesaler

Peshtemal City was established in Denizli. Since its establishment, Peshtemal City dedicated itself to manufacture the most durable and absorbent peshtemals, bathrobes, towels and most comfortable blankets. We manufacture highest quality Turkish Towels for the leading trademarks of Europe, Northern America and Australia. With the hard work of our dynamic research and development team, we always provide you the highest quality products.


With our experience, we pick the highest quality yarns to weave our merchandise. We have a wide color spectrum. Our foutas are durable and absorbent; and also they can preserve their size, color and feeling even after you wash them. We manufacture our peshtemals suitable to your geographic location and its climate. We always keep our merchandise in stock. We also weave your designs and always try to offer you the best service along with the best price.



Peshtemal City has two departments for production. For this process, we have over seventy employees to serve our customers. We operate over sixty Switzerland Sulzer Looms and four jacquard looms. Peshtemal City can produce 3.000 – 5.000 peshtemals daily. For our hotel textile products, we have seventeen employees working on three different shifts every day. They operate three Dooby Looms and six Jacquard looms, which can manufacture around 30 tons per month. We also cooperate with contract manufacturers who can supply us around 20 – 35 tons per month.  

As a manufacturer, we care for our customers’ experience with our products so we work with the biggest and the most qualified dyehouse in the city of Denizli. While we manufacture our elegant peshtemals, we also look to use the highest quality dyes.


Peshtemal City is deemed worthy of an OEKO-TEX certification. We thank our associates for their hard-work, which led us to this success.


Our mission is to become a leading and responsible textile company of Peshtemal and Hotel Textile, which understands the human requirements and act to balance these requirements by producing world class products. We strive to produce, our products with best designs, high quality and dynamic team.

Since its establishment, Peshtemal City has envisioned to become the leading textile company of peshtemal and hotel textile. Therefore, we aim to provide you world class products by considering your needs. Our designers devote themselves to push the boundaries of creativity, and present you the most elegant peshtemals that you can proudly use at beaches, spas, hotels, gyms or in your bathroom. Our dynamic team wove the most absorbent peshtemals, bathrobes and towels using the highest quality cottons.


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