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About us

Peshtemal City - Turkish Towel Manufacturer &Wholesaler

What We Do?

Turkish towels are not ordinary towels. They are centuries old tradition. Used and improved by the royal families of Ottoman Empire, hard-working craftsmen, and housewives for centuries, Turkish Towels are a part of our history! What we do? We put our love and affection into our work!

We manufacture & wholesale premium quality and stylish Turkish towels, bathrobes, and blankets for the comfort and delight of both you and your customers.

To save our world to give our kids better world, we have start producing some of our towels from Recycled Meterials and we call them Recycled Peshtemals or Recycled Turkish Towels.


Our Mission

We dedicated ourselves to understand what you expect from us as a manufacturer. Our mission is to become the leading textile company of Turkish towels, Hotel & Home Textile by meeting your expectations and needs.

We aim at providing you with world-class Turkish Towels, blankets, and bathrobes by considering your needs. 


About Our Products 

We weave our Turkish Towels, bathrobes, and blankets from 100% premium quality Turkish cotton for your comfort. Turkish cotton is great for

·        A quick-drying towel

·        Super packable towels

·        Preventing mildew

·        Pushing water off your skin instead of taking it into the towel and loosening yarns (in short for extremely absorbent towels)

·        Extremely durable towels.


Such elegance requires high-quality dyes! We co-operate with the biggest and the most qualified dye-house in Denizli / TURKEY to be sure that our products don’t contain any allergen material. You can confidently use our products on a daily basis.

We are deemed worthy of an OEKO-TEX certification! We thank everyone for their dedication and hard-work which led us to success.

About Katre Textile Family

Since our establishment, as Katre Textile family, we dedicated ourselves to provide our customers with high-quality peshtemals, beachwear, and all kinds of home & hotel textile products along with a fast and reliable service.


As Katre Textile family, we attach importance to research and development processes, to come up with innovative, premium quality, and reliable products for our customers. We also follow the latest trends to present our customers with fashionable products.


As a result of our intense research and development activities, we offer a new collection in every new season to satisfy the needs of our customers. Thus, working with us makes everything easier for our customers.


We’re ready with our workers and looms in our factory to meet the needs of our customers. Using OEKO-TEX certified raw material on our products, and applying the designs with nature friendly, and healthy dyes, we manufacture export worthy products.


As Katre Textile, we combine our knowledge in our field with our desire to work to manufacture the best that our customer deserves. As a dynamic family, we don’t only offer you our own collection, but also work hard to satisfy your requests. We have happy customers from all around the world.


Besides all the factors that made Katre a highly preferred textile company all around the World, the most important factor is the respect we have for our customers. Our priority is our dearest customers’ satisfaction. They are in the center of our constant efforts, continuous R&D activities, and participations in textile expos. 

Our mission is to become a leading and responsible textile company of Peshtemal and Hotel Textile, which understands the human requirements and act to balance these requirements by producing world class products. We strive to produce, our products with best designs, high quality and dynamic team.

Since its establishment, Peshtemal City has envisioned to become the leading textile company of peshtemal and hotel textile. Therefore, we aim to provide you world class products by considering your needs. Our designers devote themselves to push the boundaries of creativity, and present you the most elegant peshtemals that you can proudly use at beaches, spas, hotels, gyms or in your bathroom. Our dynamic team wove the most absorbent peshtemals, bathrobes and towels using the highest quality cottons.


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