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  • Hera Peshtemal

Hera Peshtemal



  • Name            : Hera Peshtemal
  • Compound    : %100 Cotton – RING Spun  
  • Pile               : Warp 20/1 - Weft 20/1
  • Weight          : 260 Gr
  • Size              : 100 x 180 cm   
  • Features       : Wide colour spectrum, High Quality, Softness, High Absorbency
  • Usage           : Beach, Spas, Hotels, Pools, Yatchs and Baths


Hera Peshtemal

Named after the Greek Goddess of marriage, Hera Peshtemal will provide integrity to your hotel rooms’ design with its vibrant and eye-catching design.

Weighing only 260 grams, Hera Peshtemal is extremely absorbent, quick-drying, soft and durable. Once your spa, hotel or pool customers taste the comfort of Hera Peshtemal, they will visit your facility as soon as possible!

You can choose the colors you desire for Hera Peshtemal from the wide color spectrum we offer for one of our latest fashion Turkish towels! Contact us now for your Peshtemal wholesale enquiries!