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  • Saraylı Peshtemal

Saraylı Peshtemal


Name           : Saraylı Peshtemal

Yarn Type    : %100 Cotton – Oe – Warp 20/1 -                              Weft 20/1

Gr/Pcs         : 200 Gr

Size             : 100 x 180   

Features      : Wide colour spectrum, High Quality,                        Softness, High Absorbency,                                      Light Weight

Usage          : Beach, Spas, Hotels, Pools, Hamams,                        and Saunas


Saraylı Peshtemal - Hammam Towel

Saraylı Peshtemal is one of our top selling products. This product was commonly used by Anatolian people in Hamams throughout history which makes it an important part of Turkish Batrobe history.  We weave Hamam Peshtemal from %100 Cotton 20/1 Oe. Yarn. It is really soft and light weight making it perfect for your travels. We have wide colour spectrum for this product. It is a great choice for Hamams, Saunas, Beaches, Hotels, Pools, and Spas.