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  • Hereke Peshtemal

Hereke Peshtemal


      Hammam Towel



  • Name            : Hereke Peshtemal
  • Compound    : %100 Cotton – RING Spun  
  • Pile               : Warp 20/1 - Weft 20/1
  • Weight          : 260 Gr
  • Size              : 100 x 180 cm   
  • Features       : Wide colour spectrum, High Quality, Softness, High Absorbency
  • Usage           : Beach, Spas, Hotels, Pools, Yatchs and Baths


Hereke Peshtemal - Hammam Towel

Hereke Peshtemal is a reflection of the natural beauty of Hereke/KOCAELI. It has thick and colorful blocks along the middle parts, and thin stripes through the ending parts of its texture, and white fringes swinging on both ends. It is one of our eye-catching traditional hammam towel designs.

The town Hereke is famous for its premium quality carpets. Hereke Peshtemal is manufactured to live up to its name. Woven 100% from high-quality cotton, Hereke Peshtemal is highly absorbent, quick-drying, soft, and extremely durable just like Famous Hereke carpets.

With an eye-catching design and comfortable texture, Hereke Peshtemal not only perfect for daily use, but also a perfect decorative item!