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  • Bathmat



Name           : Bath Mats

Yarn Type    : %100 Cotton – RING 

GSM            :  550 - 850

Size             : Every Size Possible

Features      : Wide colour spectrum, High Quality,                        Softness, High Absorbency, Long                              Laundry Life

Usage          : Beach, Spas, Hotels, Pools, Yatchs                            and Baths


Bath Mats

Our premium quality Bath Mats are made of 100% Ring Spun Cotton Yarn. These institutional Bath Mats are extremely durable and soft. They are double stitched at hems for long laundry life. They are thick and absorbant which makes them perfect for institutions such as Hotels, Spas, Beaches, Baths and Yatchs. Its White color makes it perfect for any envorinment.